Getting Ready

Sometimes I still cannot believe it—I am leaving to study in London this Tuesday! Words aren’t able to express what I’m feeling: Excited, anxious, stressed in preparation, and perhaps a little nervous, too.

I have always had a love of travel, no matter where the destination, but London, for whatever reason, has been a dream in my heart since the 2nd Grade. I have no idea why I’ve always been drawn to it—maybe it’s the deep history that no American city contains, or maybe it’s just the accents—I’m not really sure. There is certainly a reason though God placed London in my heart so long ago; I can’t wait to discover all that He has in store for me this next semester!

Having never been to Europe, and having always wanted to go, this four months won’t be long enough! We have a planned trip to Jordan in March, but other than that, my calendar is blank and ready to be filled!

Check back for pictures and anecdotes of my adventures in London, and the rest of my travels throughout the semester!

Please keep me in your prayers as I begin this journey!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Aloha….Pictures Thomas…so we can live vicariously!!! I know you will enjoy every minute available, and your friends far away will love the ride! Stay safe, and keep taking pictures. Some day, I’m exploring the British Isles!

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