First Few Days

Hello all,

So sorry I haven’t been able to update my first few days here—I have been running around like crazy trying to get acclimated to this amazing city!! So far, it has truly been the time of my life. As I’ve mentioned, London has always been a dream of mine; to see many of the sites around the city has been awe-filled.

Luckily, my travels here went as smooth as possible, and without jet-lag (I highly recommend using extra miles to upgrade to business class if possible—the lay flat seat makes it possible to actually sleep along the way and wake up in the morning like nothing happened!) I got here a day before most everyone else, so I was able to explore just a bit around South Kensington with a couple others who were here, also.

Speaking of South Kensington, this neighborhood is AMAZING! It is considered one of the poshest in all of London, and also one of the most international—so many languages are heard on the street. When I’ve told locals where I live, they are shocked. The South Ken Tube (subway) station is only a 5 minute walk away from our house, so most of the city is very accessible!

On Saturday, I explored all of the tourist-y areas on Saturday, and saw Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and Harrods! Exhausting day, but so cool to see stereotypical London!

56 Prince’s Gate, Pepperdine’s House, is fantastic. All of us (about 45 or so) live and have classes here! I am so lucky to have the best room, right next-door to the kitchen and the student lounge, so I am in the hub of activity! I have two other roommates, Zach and Nate, and we all share an ensuite bathroom.

My classes started today; I am taking Macroeconomics, History of British Religion, History of the Modern Middle East, and American History. I know, a lot of history, but I think I will enjoy it!

I also went to Hillsong Church in London yesterday—I LOVED it! Cannot wait to get plugged into a small group and meet lots of locals! The Brits are quite funny—nobody talks to each other! For as much as I talk to strangers, this is such an odd concept to me. However, once they get comfortable with you, the British are very hospitable.

I am currently planning trips to Spain and Portugal, Switzerland, and a few other places as well, throughout the semester!

Overall, this trip has been like a dream—I still can’t believe I am here! Thanks so much for all of your prayers, they mean so much to me. I miss you all at home, but I am ecstatic to be in this amazing city!

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4 thoughts on “First Few Days

  1. Thank you for your blog!! I will be reading this faithfully! Glad you are having fun – and yet learning some cool stuff!

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