Adventures, Adventures

Hello all,

It can be quite hard to find time to blog here! Since I last updated, I have been on a couple of day trips throughout Britain, had a week of classes, and explored general London itself.

First things first, THE SEAHAWKS ARE HEADED TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! Some may describe me as a bandwagon fan, BUT, I stayed up until 3am to watch the game after everyone else went to bed on a sketchy (probably illegal) internet streaming link! Could not be prouder of my team and excited for my city—seeing some of the shots of the city made me miss all of the buzz around home.

Last Friday, my whole program took a day trip to Rochester, where we visited the second oldest church in England, founded in 604AD. It was quite an interesting place, as it is one of the few remaining churches that has Norman architecture (they renovated the church during the invasion in the 11th century). Then, we went to Leeds Castle, in Kent, which is described the “loveliest castle in England”. I quite agree—even though it was raining, both the interior and the 500 acres on which it resides were stunning! Some areas were inaccessible due to the weather, such as the maze and playground, both of which are said to be a unique experience, but it was still a great visit!

On Saturday, a group of us made a visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace and home of William Shakespeare! While there were many touristy things to participate in, it felt like a typical English village. The history behind it all is amazing, of course, many of the buildings there are half a millennium old! We even got to see his tomb, and learned all about his descendants and their contribution to the town and the arts! A great experience, for sure.

Going out and about in the city has been a ton of fun, too! Most people that I’ve met have been extremely friendly and curious to ask me things about America; as long as you aren’t acting like an obnoxious American ( being loud on the Tube), the stereotype doesn’t ring true. While people here aren’t initially very social (the Tube is completely silent, unless there are other Americans aboard), once you initiate conversation, the English are very hospitable.

My class schedule here is amazing—my only busy day is Wednesday, the other days I mostly have just one class! Thursdays are especially nice, as I have Econ from 8-9:30am, and then I am done for the weekend, since we don’t have class on Fridays!

Overall, I am LOVING life in London! I just booked a trip to France for our long travel break next month, and am currently scoping out a few other trips as well!

Thank you to all for your prayers—I am having the time of my life!


3 thoughts on “Adventures, Adventures

  1. So glad you are enjoying yourself, Thomas!!! It’s great for one part of the world to see how another part world lives!! And, of course, the academia……. I will enjoy reading your blogs here!

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